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Adding More Reason to Our 23 Feb 2012 Post

22 22, Now 23 Reasons We're Standing for Office to Elect a New US Senator

What about our Constitution, life, liberty, peace and prosperity?:

Register to vote Richard Charles US Nevada Silver Senator 2012 Republican:

Mr Heller was appointed last year by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval to a vacancy created by the resignation of John Ensign. Like all public servants, Mr Heller took an oath of office to support and defend our Constitution:

2) Mr Heller voted for Indefinite Detention of US Citizens by US Military on American Soil, Guantanamo or anywhere in the world without Legal Cause, Due Process, Evidence, Warrant or Jury Trial, in direct Violation of our Constitution, Bill of Rights and centuries of legal precedent.

3) Mr Heller voted for retroactive immunity for internet telephone company espionage on American Citizens without warrant or due process, although our US Constitution forbids retroactive laws or government violations of privacy of person, home and effects without warrant or due process.

4) Mr Heller voted against warrants for Foreign and US wiretaps required by our Constitution and due process. 

5) With 11 years occupying Afghanistan, Mr Heller voted not to remove US Troops. 

6) Mr Heller voted against Congressional Oversight of CIA Interrogations and Torture.  

7) Mr Heller voted to not investigate impeachment of President Bush for lying about Iraq.

8) Mr Heller voted to not redeploy US Troops out of Iraq.

9) Mr Heller voted to not close offshore business tax loopholes.

10) Mr Heller voted to not exempt middle income Americans from AMT Taxes.

11) Mr Heller voted not to protect Social Security.

12) Mr Heller voted to expand (bankrupt) Medicare without paying for it.

13) Mr Heller voted against negotiating better prices for Medicare Drugs.

14) Mr Heller voted to deny Washington DC residents the vote.

15) Mr Heller voted to not let shareholders vote on executive compensation, after voting yes. 

16) Mr Heller voted to not improve AMTRAK affordable transportation.

17) Mr Heller voted to allow job discrimination on sexual orientation.

18) Mr Heller voted to waste $252 B on unproductive energy, infrastructure and job government projects at taxpayer expense.

19) Mr Heller earned early retirement by selling American liberty, lives, peace and prosperity out and short, during a time of prolonged unpopular military actions for oil that are bankrupting America and our living standard when America has 200 years of Natural Gas and 1000 years of coal.

20) Mr Heller violated habeas corpus, which predates the Magna Carta in 1215:

21) Mr Heller violated posse comitatus, in effect declaring pre-emptive martial war on America and her citizens during peacetime:

22) Mr Heller voted for this:

New Bill Authorizes Rendition of American Citizens Living within the United States to Other Countries for Torture:

Top experts – including the sponsors of the bill – say that the newly-passed National Defense Authorization Act authorizes indefinite detention of Americans living within the United States.

Top legal experts point out that the government claims the right to assassinate American citizens on U.S. soil without any charges, trial or other constitutional protection.
I noted last month that Congress was considering repealing prohibitions against torture
A defense spending bill that passed both houses of Congress overwhelmingly and is set to be signed by President Barack Obama as early as this week could make it easier for the government to transfer American terrorist suspects to foreign regimes and security forces.
The National Defense Authorization Act (PDF) contains a section that says the president has the power to transfer suspected members and supporters of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or “associated” groups “to the custody or control of the person’s country of origin, any other foreign country, or any other foreign entity.”
That means if the president determines you’re a member or supporter of Al Qaeda, “associated forces” or any threat to him, he could order you to be handed over to the Saudis, the Egyptians, the Yemenis (“any other foreign country”), any of their respective security forces, or even the United Nations (“any other foreign entity”). 
(You can read the relevant section of the law in the document viewer at the end of this article; look for the highlighted annotations.)
[Daphne Eviatar, a lawyer with Human Rights First] adds that there are “a whole lot of scenarios” where the government might want to transfer a suspected terrorist—even a US citizen—to foreign custody. 
For example, the administration might not want to go through the political mess of determining whether to send a suspect to Gitmo, try him in a military commission, or use the civilian system. 
The administration might also want to avoid the mandatory habeas corpus review that would come if the US held the suspect itself. 
In such a case, transferring the suspect to a foreign security force might present an appealing option.
You can read the detention and transfer provisions of the NDAA here …
Responses to New Bill Authorizes Rendition of American Citizens Living within the United States to Other Countries for Torture:

Dredd says:

The Founding Fathers would not recognize this nation as America

Neither do millions of Americans at this very moment, and that number is growing larger by the hour.

There is a great dis-ease in the land...

23. Mr Heller voted to lock up protestors in violation of our First Amendment right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances:

We welcome and appreciate donations for campaign expenses, thrifty as we are. 
They are kept in segregated accounts and reported as required by law. 
This is a sincere invitation to make a vital difference in our thriving future together:

Please feel free to share with family and friends to get the good word out and growing. 

We welcome and appreciate dedicated volunteers to confirm schedules, help with facebook, internet and twitter, file the paperwork, get nominating signatures, make the calls and human contacts to get out the winning vote.

(If donations over $100, please provide address/email and occupation per Campaign Law)

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