Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nevada Primary Results

Thanks to those that funded or voted for the Silver Senator 2012.

We did not win the Nevada US Senate Primary, 
with just 2295 votes vs 88,926 for the incumbent Dean Heller
with low voter turnout:

Our campaign donations were $291 vs $5,778,667:

The Primary winner received 19,858 times as much money from lobbyist special interests,
one of whom was arraigned/indicted, facing a $1 M fine with 20 years in prison 
shortly before the election:

We cost less than 13 cents per vote vs $65 per vote for the winner.

The money came from somewhere and determines much larger Federal Spending,
with returns of 22,000% for special interests at taxpayer expense: 

Perhaps one day more voters will appreciate this.

Thanks again...


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