Saturday, August 1, 2015

Welcome Back to the Future 2016


We were persuaded by experience and Abe Lincoln, who ran for election six times and failed, never held national office until he won as President, there's no success like failure, failure is no success at all, and persistence pays.

Our country needs independent principled true representatives of We the people, now more than ever.

We the people are more than ready to vote to save our freedoms in a heartbeat.

This is our third time standing for elected Nevada Public Service. 

It may well be the charm, or the last call, depending on what you do now in the next few minutes.

We not only welcome your votes. 

We invite a sincere donation now from each of you, to get the word around, to get elected to serve you and the Bill of Rights Constitutional Declaration of Independence principles that made our beloved America great.

Nevada has a population approaching Three Million in 2016.

Less than half of us are Registered to vote: 1,425,260 in June 2015.

About a third of the Registered, one sixth of our Nevada population, actually voted for the winning Senator in 2012: 457,656.

So in other words, tyranny of the minority, because we were too busy to make a difference.  

No wonder we dislike politicians.

We met the enemy and the enemy within was US (Pogo comic strip).

If every Nevada resident gives from $10 to the new 2016 elections limit of $5400, our insurgent Independent Election will have enough money from real people to win election, to finally represent the long-suffering silent majority with the integrity of Constitutional principles.

If half our state population give $10 to the new $5400 limit and vote, we still have good opportunity to overcome the usual special interest lobby candidates who buy election,  media and votes with other peoples' money.

If a sixth of us give $10 to $5400 and vote, we have a fighting chance to fix things for the better.

Let's do it now or forever hold our peace:


If no one gives a darn now, in 2016 we will all again suffer from more of the same old tired BS special interest candidates who collapsed our American dream and standard of living, from Millennials to Middle Class to Seniors, for the last three generations.

(Not everyone remembers when one wage earner made and saved enough to support an extended family, with good food, healthcare, housing and retirement. I do and will work for that again.) 
You can now also give your donation for this 2016 insurgent Independent Election for present and future generations, by purchasing one, both or more of our Campaign Books, giving them to friends, writing more Amazon reviews to get the word out:

The Politics of Prosperity, $13 paperback. 

Buy a bunch now to start the winning conversation with friends:
American Founding Documents in Spanish, $13 paperback. 

Excellent way to study for US Citizenship:

It's now or never Nevada.

We have 458 days to win this. 

We need your help right now to get the word out.

Thank you.


Richard "Ricardo Carlos" Charles

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