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What about our Constitution, life, liberty, peace and prosperity?:

Register to vote Richard Charles Silver Senator 2012 Republican:


All our previous lives led here now to this crucial race for US Senator in 2012.

Maybe we can relate:

I was born into a fourth-generation military family that served our country in the Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy. 

As a 7-year old member of The Good News Club,
I gardened and weeded for small change and paper dollars.

I exchanged the paper money for silver dollars and coins to collect and save:


Silver was real money for a rainy day:


I saved silver from work on paper routes, as golf caddy, delivery boy, lifeguard.

As a Scout, I met William Broomfield, ranking Republican in the House of Representatives, who inspired me to run for office for public service:


I also met Judge Leenhouts from my High School, recognized by Look Magazine and Reader's Digest for reducing recidivism more than two-thirds with his volunteer mentor probation progam:


When I was National Merit Finalist and National Honour Society Treasurer, a wise teacher told me to study the Bretton Woods Monetary agreement:


In college I worked Food Service, played and taught guitar, studied hard and raced Championship Meets. 

When the entire College declared a Spring Moratorium with the 1970 bombing of Cambodia, I volunteered for Father Drinan and his successful campaign, the first member of Congress to oppose the Vietnam War:


The Dean of Students who interviewed me for the Memorial Fellowship for Grad School on the West Coast, introduced me to the Kennedy, Plimpton, Ward families and their Eastern politics.

The year I graduated from college, President Nixon ended the Bretton Woods agreement and removed the last gold backing from the dollar with failed price controls while everyone was on vacation:


I worked my way through a Master of Science when Ronald Reagan was Governor, where Senator Sam Hayakawa was University President:


I signed a loyalty oath to support the Constitution of the United States:


In graduate school, I taught Research Statistics and co-founded Aquarius House Inc with  Haight Ashbury Switchboard Suicide Prevention, Huckleberry House for Runaways, McCormick House for Ex-Prisoners, Rosenberg Foundation Funding, Traveler's Aid Society, UC Medical Center, and Walden House for Drug Recovery, numbers and people.

I became an Associate of Psychological Services who worked on contract with Boys Ranches, Juvenile Authority, San Francisco Drug Diversion, San Francisco Probation Department, San Francisco General Hospital, Sunset Mental Health, Unwed Mothers and private practice.

I had business and institutional clients and contracts. I obtained licenses in Commodities, Insurance, Real Estate and Securities, which required fingerprints and a ten-year background check clearance.

I joined Merrill Lynch for almost a decade as Account Executive. I became a Financial Consultant and Funds Manager for an office of 36, taking our office from 144th worldwide to 11th in managed funds.

I taught evening Undergraduate Specials in Mind, Money, Market at Stanford by Academic Senate Appointment for half a decade, sponsored by Apple, Michael Boskin and others.


I joined Toastmasters, earned Distinguished Toastmaster, ran the Division Speakers Bureau, was Master of Ceremonies and announced Parades, a lot of fun.

I served on President Ronald Reagan's Advisory Council during his successful campaigns for President to turn the Cold War and US Economy around with Free Market Principles.


President Reagan's administration created productive profitable jobs, 20 million, and reduced inflation from 13.5% to 4.1%.


The Reaganomic economy grew a peak 8%:


The Reagan US dollar was over twice as valuable as now:


I spoke at the White House Conference on Small Business that created the jobs and prosperity.

I found funding and helped write the business plan for a startup company, the Inc 100 second fastest growing company, eventually acquired and taken private for $11.4 B dollars.

I served a decade as Executor and Trustee for an estate of Lake Tahoe income property. 

I did a Sabbatical on wealth creation at Templeton College Oxford:


After serving as Elector and Precinct Judge, I ran for School Board and Congress, did the candidate debates and walked the precincts with the endorsement of Congressman Ron Paul.

I learned firsthand how dysfunctional economic politics had become.

Corporations and Unions bankrolled and elected their candidates to pass expensive bills favoring them at the expense of working people and future generations.

I moved to Nevada for greater economic and political freedom and prosperity.

America abandoned the Basic Political Principles that made us great and suffered declining living standards for the last two decades.

Congress, Courts, Presidents and even Military violated their Oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States:


I mirrored and supported the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign for life, liberty, peace and prosperity.

This is a sincere invitation to make a good difference in our future:

Please feel free to share with family and friends to get the good word out and growing.

We welcome and appreciate dedicated volunteers to confirm schedules, do facebook, internet and twitter, file the paperwork, get nominating signatures, make the calls to get out the winning vote. 

We welcome and appreciate donations for campaign filing expenses, thrifty as we are.
They are kept in a segregated account and reported as required by law.

(If donations are over $100, please identify occupation, email address or telephone per campaign law:)                                                        

Next,  Our Principles...

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