Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Honesty, Integrity, Moral Authority and Quiet Leadership

In Charleston's Historic District, on our America for Americans Whistle Stop Tour, we sat down on a tree protected bench in Washington Square, founded in 1881 and funded by a committee headed by Palmetto Native General Westmoreland. 

Our wish was rest and respite from the heat and humidity in the so-called High Season, before July August heat and humidity drive even the locals to air conditioning.  

Charleston is where Comic Pundit Stephen Colbert grew up in a white waterfront mansion, according to Harry, the accomplished Spirit Line Harbour Tour Guide.

Next to the bench was a beautiful larger than life John Michel sculpture of America's first President, with thoughtful inspired inscription that described General and President Washington as a man of Honesty, Integrity, Moral Authority and Quiet Leadership that promoted the best of competing philosophies that united different interest groups. 

The Washington Inscription, Marker and Statue is some 966 miles from Boston, which gets credit for educational diversity, religious tolerance and a Tea Party, in fact after Charleston. 

Washington, less educated or talented than many, earned the sobriquet as our Founding Father. 

As previously posted, GW serves as an inspiration to the Silver Senator and 2012 voters, tired of partisan politics and intending to elect leaders who represent, serve and unite them.



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