Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Richard Charles for US Silver Senator in the News

Las Vegas Review Journal:

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Election 2012

Richard Charles

Office: U.S. SENATE
Party: Republican
Current occupation: Community Service, Finance, Higher Education (retired)
Age: 61 [62]
Residence: Crystal Bay
1) Amherst BA,
2) SF State MSc,
3) Stanford Preceptor Appointments by Academic Senate,
4) All Souls/Templeton College Oxford University Sabbatical,
5) Reagan Task Force,
6) GOPAC Campaigns...

Facebook: Richard Charles
Twitter: @RichCharles2012

Candidate Questionnaire
  • What are three major things you hope to accomplish if elected?

    I came out of retirement on Medicare and Social Security at Lake Tahoe to: 

    A) Return the US Senate to disciplined Constitutional Government, 

    B) Balance Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branches and powers with a more accountable Congress protecting Justice, Life, Liberty, Peace and Prosperity for All Americans, not just Lobbyists and their clients. 

    C) We return any monies given by registered lobbyists for special interests...

  • Describe your political philosophy?

    Independent Libertarian Republican US Senator candidate in the thrifty rational Nevada American middle, instead of the expensive far left or extreme far right divide and conquer game.

    We back the drive to increase Active Voter Registration from One Million to Two Million Nevadans [Early Voting began on 26 May 2012]: 

    We share the Silver Senator campaign themes of William Morris Stewart, who unraveled the conflicting Comstock Lode Claims, founded the Stewart Indian School to teach vocational skills to the poor at charitable private expense, used Mark Twain humour to win his Senate Campaign, backed Silver for sound money, drafted the 15th Amendment for fair free voting and legislated wisely for railroads, regional economic development, safe mining practices and land irrigation rights:

  • Describe your commitment to openness in government. Please be specific.

    We just returned from our One-Month Campaign Fact-Finding Whistle-Stop Tour in 28 states and 177 cities, islands or towns.
    We used email, our ears and eyes and WiFi to stay in touch.
    We used Email, Facebook, Twitter and Internet for Constituent Concerns 24/7: 
    Richard Charles Facebook 
    RichCharles 2012 Twitter

Las Vegas Review Journal:

Meet the Candidates

"Richard Charles - Charles said he was spending one month this spring on a "whistle-stop tour to take America's pulse" as part of his run for Congress. 

A supporter of GOP presidential candidate Paul, Charles said his goal is to support and defend the Constitution and liberty as does the Texas congressman.

He said both the Democratic and Republican party leaders have violated the Constitution by going to war without congressional approval and passing laws that strip terror suspects [citizens] of their rights. 

He also decries expansion of government, which has bloated the federal budget and increased debt [at the expense of our economy].

"My goal is to represent all Nevadan and American citizens, rather than" the political party organizations and "big donor special interests," Charles said. 


100% on Political Courage Test: 



  1. Awesome RC - Congrats on the coverage and growth in the campaign. You are the best man for the job no doubt. Best wishes. We're pulling for you to win.

  2. Many thanks Shanky.

    Together we can make a difference in our children's future...