Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In the News, Part IX

Nevada Senator

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Nevada – Senator Race, Who is running?

Updated 3/19/12

Incumbent - Dean Heller (R), since 2011. Up for Election in 2012.

How he affected our lives and what we need to remember:

- 4/28/11. Governor Brian Sandoval appointed Congressman Dean Heller to fill the seat
of Senator John Eric Ensign who resigned on May 3rd. Special election for this seat
will be held on a Tuesday, September 13, 2011.

- 7/29/11. Voted NO on raising the debt ceiling. Thus trying to avert our financial


Shelley Berkley (D), Congressman
Jonathan Bannon Maher (No Party Affiliation), Businessman, Author, Musician, Gay Rights
Edward Hamilton (R), Businessman, Ex-Auto Industry Executive, Frequent Candidate
Byron Georgiou (D), Attorney, Businessman
Barry Ellsworth (D), Financial Executive
Sherry Brooks (R)
Carlo Poliak (R), Sanitation Worker, Frequent Candidate
Nancy Price (D), Ex-State University Regen
Steve Brown (D)
Richard Charles (R)
Michael Leslie (D)
Louis Macias (D)
David Lory VanderBeek (Independent American Party)

Incumbent - Harry Reid (D), since 1986. 25 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This douchebag, piece of drek, should be flushed down the toilet. Up for election in 2016.

How he affected our lives and what we need to remember:

If you ever wondered why Nevada is in financial trouble, look no further.

- 5/25/06. voted against making English the official language of America

He also voted to give illegal aliens social security benefits. (Now you know why the
healthy young couple ahead of you in the supermarket line is paying with food stamps,
while you have to shell out money and have less for yourself because you are really
paying for them too.)

- Jan. 2009. Voted YES to confirm a Tim Tax-Cheat Geithner as Secretary of Treasurer.

Why is this important to know? Because Geithner cheated on his taxes. (I guess he
believes there are tax laws for us but not for them; and it’s okay to have a tax cheat
in charge of the Treasury.)

Orchestrated the Obamacare.

6/12/10 – I hold Reid personally responsible in having a hand for Nevada’s high
unemployment and the devastated housing crash. He told one business owner, “I hope your business fails”.

He also holds such low regard for Americans. 

He referred to tourists to Capitol Hill as smelly. 

He likes to instill a loser mentality in Americans. He already declared the Iraq war “lost”.

- 9/16/2010. Co-sponsored the DREAM Act. (A new, dreamy name which masquerades the
path for illegal immigrants amnesty)

-10/7/10. Reid argued it is his “constitutional duty” to spend federal money. (That
means our hard earned tax money.)

- 12/21/2010. Voted YES to reduce our military superiority and arsenal (the START

- 4/15/2011. Voted YES on tax payer funding of abortions by Planned Parenthood.

- 7/29/11. Voted YES on raising the debt ceiling. Thus opened the door to higher taxes,
defense cuts, and inevitable bankruptcy path.


[Silver Senator Note:

Please feel free to post re Richard Charles Silver Senator 2012 on the link above.]

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