Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In the News, Part V

 Pahrump Valley Times


Pahrump Valley Times

In partisan races, the top votegetter for that party will go on to the November general election.

Here is a list of the candidates who filed.

U.S. Senate
Shelley Berkley
Steve Brown
Barry Ellsworth
Michael J. Leslie
Louis Macias
Nancy Price
Sherry Brooks
Richard Charles
Eddie Hamilton
Dean Heller
Carlo “Nakusa” Poliak
Independent American Party
David Lory VanderBeek

4 Responses

  1. Boudicea says:
    PVT!! PLEASE help your/us readers get info on all these candidates so that we can have a resourceful and SMART election for us all in Pahrump? No more griping about people in office when we have the resonsibility to elect the best candidate. IS there a TYPO? Kulkin for State Senate? AND.. TOWN BOARD needs to really be looked at. Could we please get people in that represent Pahrump townspeople and not their own interests? Development and Incorporation,NO.. WILD WEST AT ITS BEST.. YES!!!
    • Pahrump Valley Times says:
      We have been running articles about the candidates since the registration period opened. There will be more and the PVT will publish a pull-out section two weeks before the primary and again for the general election. However, to my knowledge, those special sections will not be available online.

  2. eeko says:
    Agree with Boudicea, I want to know exactly who is for or against incorporation so I can vote against anyone who wants to my nice peaceful town into a city, and thanks to the PVT for that pull out section. It will help a whole lot.
    This time we need to make sure we do not vote for decent people who will once and for all, put this whole city thing to rest.
    Also Boudicea, there are a whole lot of campaign events, I met a lot of the people who were running for town board at them last election, it is great to talk to them in person and really see where they stand on the issues.
  3. Dwight Lilly says:
    Yep, it’s your own fault if after the election, you are mad because those elected are the ones you voted for and the ones you are complaining about. Many of these characters have been in the news and already have a record to become aware of, as they have already held elected positions.
    Expect them all to hide from past controversy and apply ample potions of BS to their campaign literature and public appearances.

[Silver Senator Note:

Please feel free to post re Richard Charles Silver Senator 2012 on the link above.]


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